Pictures and Videos

Here are some pictures and videos showing the windmill, to complement those found elsewhere on this site. To the best of our knowledge and belief, all the media included here has been released for public use, or the copyright has expired, or has been released for use on this site (but not necessarily for use elsewhere). Enjoy!

Most of these images have been scaled down slightly for use on this site - contact the webmaster to see if a larger version is available, or to find out if you can use it elsewhere. (In general, you can use all images and videos on this site on social media sites such as Facebook, provided the material does not have a particular attribution given here (in which case you must attribute the place we got it from), and provided you give a link back to this website: You can also use this address if you want to submit some images of your own.)


The Windmill was wrapped in scaffolding in 2016-17, whilst major restoration was in progress. There's a video on YouTube showing the scaffolding coming down...


As we have a lot of pictures, they have been arranged into a series of separate sub-pages: