Gransden Windmill

Gransden Mill is of a simple type called a 'post mill', where the whole building, standing on a thick post, is turned to face the wind. Mills like this were once a common sight across the English landscape but there are now only a handful of precious survivors. A mill has stood on the site since the 13th century and parts of the existing structure date to the early 17th century. The mill stopped working only 100 years ago, when it was already in a poor state of repair. However, a major repair programme is well underway! The work will help to restore the windmill - one of the oldest in the country - to its former glory. As most of the machinery survives, it could one day be returned to a functioning state. (edited extract from a page on the Historic England website.)

Future of the mill

The mill is currently owned and maintained by Cambridgeshire County Council, but the plan is to hand over management to a charitable trust once the current repairs are complete.

More information

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